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USC vs Minnesota football game — Red and Golden Corn Salad

continuing the food theme for the USC vs Minnesota game on Sept 3…. this salad, with its red and gold color would work for either team tailgate (as they have basically the same school colors).

This corn salad is easily put together in separate ziplock bags and assembled at the tailgate event.  There are no measurements, free-form kind of thing, though guidelines for amounts are given. Here is the basic recipe for about 6 people (as a sidedish), that be increased as you wish.

  • Frozen bag of corn (say 16 oz bag) — Bring the corn in its bag, it can thaw on the way to the event… you want to add it cold, but not frozen to the salad
  • Mix the following and place in another ziplock bag in your ice chest:
    • Cherry tomatoes (cut in half and seasoned with a little salt/pepper) — probably 8 oz
    • Some sliced black olives (say an 8 oz can)
    • 4 green onions or 1/4 red onion chopped for some extra flavor
    •  Some chopped red pepper can be added, as well.
  • 4 pieces of bacon cooked and crumbled, stored in a separate bag or container
  • Italian dressing — bring a bottle of dressing, or put together your own basic vinaigrette …olive oil and red wine vinegar, some dried herbs, salt and pepper.

Once at the tailgate, mix the corn, the tomato mixture, bacon, and the dressing (just pour in enough dressing to moisten the corn/tomato mixture) in a bowl.  (I use a disposable foil pan to save clean-up.)  Let it sit 10  minutes or so to mingle the flavors and serve cold.

I am serving this salad post-game… it works for both schools, is quick, easy and delicious.

Fight on!