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USC vs Syracuse Football? What to eat?

usc and syracuse helmets

This week USC is playing the Syracuse Orange… our tailgate theme is two-fold:

1) New York City deli fare (e.g., pastrami sandwiches, dill pickles, potato salad, etc.).

2) Orange food/drink: Cheetos (then even our fingers will be orange); orange jello with mandarin oranges, orange juice, orange muffins, oranges, potato-cheese soup (orange after the cheddar cheese is added); orange slices candy, cantaloupe, etc.

We thought about doing Chinese take-out, but logistically and cost-wise abandoned the idea.

As an aside, here are some Syracuse notes:

From Wikipedia: The Syracuse Orange is the nickname used by the athletic teams of Syracuse University. The school is a member of NCAA Division I and the Big East Conference. The school’s mascot is Otto the Orange. Teams were previously known (until 2004) as the “Orangemen” and “Orangewomen”. The men’s basketball, football, men’s lacrosse, and women’s basketball teams play in the Carrier Dome.

Otto the Orange is the mascot for the Syracuse Orange. Otto is an anthropomorphic orange, wearing a large blue hat and blue pants. Traditionally regarded as gender-neutral, though “Otto” is typically a male name. A team of 4-6 students serve as Otto, each one passing tryouts and a training program. The Syracuse Mascot was originally a Native American character named “The Saltine Warrior” (Syracuse’s unofficial nickname is the Salt City) and “Big Chief Bill Orange”. The character was born out of a hoax in which it was claimed that a 16th century Onondogan Indian chief was unearthed while digging the foundation for the women’s gymnasium in 1928.

In 1978, Native American students successfully petitioned the University to discontinue the Saltine Warrior, citing the mascot’s supposed stereotypical portrayal of Native Americans. During the 1978 season, the University introduced a Roman Gladiator dressed in orange armor, but the idea proved largely unpopular among fans, who regularly booed the mascot.

For 17 years the university was unable to settle on a mascot until the chancellor appointed a group of students and faculty to create a mascot and logo. The cheerleaders and mascots were at a UCA Cheerleading Camp in Tennessee that summer, and narrowed the field down to two potential names – “Opie” and “Otto”. It was concluded that the name “Opie” would lead to the inevitable rhyme with ‘dopey’, and settled on “Otto”. Later that fall, word got out that the cheerleaders were calling the latest mascot costume Otto, and the name stuck.

University administration considered introducing a new mascot (a wolf or lion were likely candidates), but the student body supported Otto. He was recognized as the official mascot of Syracuse University by 1995.

Photo below from:

Otto the Orange

From the Syracuse website (


Syracuse most recent national championships teams are:

2004                        Men’s Lacrosse
2008                        Men’s Lacrosse
2009                        Men’s Lacrosse

SU alumni of note:

Sarah Loguen (1876) fourth African American woman physician in U.S.
Stephen Crane (1891) author of The Red Badge of Courage
Sol LeWitt ’49 renowned visual artist
Dick Clark ’51 best known as  host of American Bandstand
Jim Brown ’57 football star, actor, and social activist
F. Story Musgrave ’58 pioneering physician-astronaut
Ruth Johnson Colvin ’59 founder of Literacy Volunteers of America
Frank Langella ’59 award-winning stage and film actor (Frost/Nixon)
Joyce Carol Oates ’60, H’00 award-winning novelist
Ted Koppel ’60 award-winning broadcast journalist
Ernie Davis ’62 first African American to win the Heisman Trophy
Betsey Johnson ’64 fashion designer known for whimsical designs
Lou Reed ’64 rock singer-songwriter for The Velvet Underground
Floyd Little ’67 Pro Football Hall of Famer
Joseph Biden L’68 vice president of the United States
Donna Shalala G’70 president of the University of Miami
Steve Kroft ’71 award-winning correspondent for 60 Minutes
Bob Costas ’74 host of NBC’s “Football Night in America”
Eileen Collins ’78 first woman astronaut to command a NASA space mission
Aaron Sorkin ’83 screenwriter and producer of The West Wing
Vanessa Williams ’85 first African American crowned Miss America
Arielle Tepper Madover ’94 award-winning Broadway producer
Stephanie Welsh ’95 award-winning feature photographer
Dennis Crowley ’98 founder of the social networking site Foursquare
Pamela Chen’05 award-winning documentary photographer