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USC vs Utah Football: What to Eat? (3) Jello shots

USC Utah helmetsJello is an unofficial state food of Utah. Mormons (many of whom live in Utah) do not drink alcohol per their religious beliefs.  What better way to combine Utah with the Utah/Mormon-opposite than Jello shots? So this weekend, I made these for the tailgate… however, I toned down the alcohol after I read how people tend to not be cognizant of the amount of alcohol they are consuming with jello shots and get themselves in trouble.

My friend, Donna, from Northern California, shared a very easy recipe (we had Blue Jello with Rum jello shots this summer while on vacation with Donna and family in Lake Tahoe)…


  • 3 oz box Jell-O (any flavor)
  • l cup boiling water
  • l cup liquor of choice

Dissolve the Jello in boiling water.  Add liquor in
place of cold water.  Pour into small plastic cups.  Place in
refrigerator until set.

Some flavor combos:

  • Cherry Jello and vodka
  • Lime jello and tequila
  • Strawberry jello and tequila (add strawberry slice)
  • Orange jello and vodka
  • Peach jello and Peach schnapps
  • Watermelon jello and Vodka
  • Grape Jello and Rum

I decided to make Lemon/Citrus Vodka and Cherry/Rum jello shots (red and gold!)… Basically you need two cups of liquid…so I decreased the alcohol to 3/4 cup plus 1/4 cup cold water…. for the 1 cup cold liquid. See my photo below.

cardinal and gold jello shots

Another item on this vein is mixing jello with coffee (no caffeine for Mormons either)…. click here for a coffee jello dessert that my friend Steve found on the internet (photo is from this site too)– a dessert to be served with whipped cream — including Kahlua is optional.  I wish I had time to make this as well!

coffee jelloFight On!

Beat the Utes!