I’m Luci Ursich…a USC Trojan fan since my freshman year many moons ago, and an avid tailgate/TV-watching party organizer for almost as many years.

Touchdowns — I love football, especially college football, and above all, USC Trojan football. Everyone is entitled to love and support their team and I respect that, and expect the same respect in return. Though my brother would not be happy at my saying this…in the end, it really is only a game… the fun for me is not just enjoying the game, but sharing the event with family and friends, accompanied by great food.

For years now, we have planned our tailgate or away-game TV events around the theme of the opponent team….Hawaiian food if we play the University of Hawaii, Irish food when we play Notre Dame, bbq duck if we are playing the University of Oregon….  I am often searching the web and opponent tailgate websites for recipes and ideas.  So, I thought via this blog I would share what I find and my own ideas/recipes for game day eats!

Togas — Togas remind me of parties (who can forget John Belushi yelling Toga! Toga! Toga! in the movie Animal House). And though our tailgates surely do not involve smashing guitars or drunken abandon…. a toga party surely is  an example of a themed, fun event!

Enjoy! ….

at ND 2007

Luci and daughter USC vs ND 2007

and always..may the best team win..of course, I would always hope it is the Trojans.  Fight On!

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