USC vs W. Michigan Tailgate Food Ideas

wmich helmet usc

USC plays Western Michigan on Sept 2, 2017, at the LA Coliseum.

An internet search of state foods of Michigan revealed some fun and options for a tailgate menu with a Michigan theme.  Read more on Michigan state food at

Entree ideas:

  • Coney Island Dog (basically chili dogs with mustard and onions a top)
  • Pasty Meat Pies


  • Apples (everything)
  • Cherries
  • Potato chips (Better Made is a brand from Detroit)


  • Blue Moon Ice Cream


  • Vernor’s Ginger Ale (and add vodka for a cocktail, preferably vanilla vodka)
  • Faygo soda pop

After mulling over the ideas, plus the weather forecast of 95 degrees and a 2:15 pm kickoff, we decided on the Coney Dogs for the entree — see recipe at

Potato chips, a green salad with apples, plus cherry cobbler squares for dessert round out the Michigan components for a pre-game lunch.

Due to the projected heat, the Blue Moon ice cream won’t be possible for us, but maybe those of you enjoying the game at home can add that to your table.

We will also imbibe the Vernor’s ginger ale with and without spirits. Vernor’s is one of the nation’s oldest soda brands  (read more), and easily available in Smart and Final stores in our area.

Have a great game day!




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