Epilogue: USC vs. Minnesota Tailgate

The USC vs Minnesota football tailgate meals on Sept. 3 are now a memory.  The Los Angeles Times Sports Section headline for the game was “Score Bored.”  I thought that appropo.  The new scoreboard is brilliant and engaging, even distracting, as I often am compelled to watch it rather than the action on the field. However, the long, rectangular swath of image is a middle-section truncated version of the more square version shown on the opposite, old vision board — thus often, I felt like I was missing something — as if looking through an opening in a fence. So I like the new board and I then I don’t.  As for the game… as everyone keeps saying “a win is a win.”  The second half was long, boring, and play-uneventful –that is all I will say on the game, with USC squeaking by Minnesota 19-17.

To sum up what transpired for our tailgating, in terms of food:

For breakfast, we enjoyed a luscious fruit medley, yogurt parfaits, bagels and cream cheese, SPAM (as it is made in Austin, Minnesota), and several egg dishes.  The Minnesota Breakfast hot dish incorporated eggs, cheese, sausage and cream of mushroom soup — click here for recipe.

Post-game, we enjoyed chili, hot dogs, brats, corn salad (for recipe see prior post), green salad, brownies, cookies, and a coconut cake (reminiscent of Minnesota’s frozen landscape).  We enjoyed tailgating with a contingent from Minnesota (including a current student)… great fans..fun to interact with and learn about the University of Minnesota.

Next game is coming up next weekend, Sept. 10th against Utah. Watch for posts re: Utah foods!  So far I see that Jello is the Utah food…  more later.

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