USC is Playing Minnesota… What to Eat? (part 4) — Food on a stick

More on what Minnesotans like to eat and thus a possible menu item for a tailgate or TV watching event….

According to my friend, Bill, in Minnesota, “They’re also completely obsessed with stuff on a stick here, so that’s a good option:  see”  According to this web site, “The Great Minnesota Get-Together has become famous World wide for it’s dazzling display of Food on a Stick. This year the Minnesota State Fair will proudly boast that there are 78 different places where you can indulge on your favorite foods on sticks.”

Bill is making a trip to the Minnesota State Fair this week and looking forward to a food extravaganza. First on his list at the fair is the following:

Big Fat Bacon
Offering one-third pound slice of bacon fried and carmelized with maple syrup, served on-a-stick with dipping sauces.

Bill will fill me in later on just which dipping sauces were available.

Food on a stick seems like a fun and easy option as tailgate food!  Let the ideas roll…

Fight on!

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